WordPress for Education

I’m proud to announce that WordPress for Education is now available in book and e-book format. The book is a brief guide designed to walk »

Caine's Arcade

If you haven't yet seen it, watch this short film about Caine, a 9 year-old boy who builds a cardboard arcade inside his father's auto parts »

5 Minutes on The Verge: Shaun Inman

How do you stay focused? I'm not sure that I do. I'm kind of all over the place, with my attention split between web apps, iOS »

HTML5 Cram Session

Tonight I'll be running a HTML5 cram session at the monthly Launch Haven event. Here are the tools and resources that I'll be mentioning in the »

I'm Writing A Book

In gradeschool I was the kid in the back of the class, sketching comic book characters and plotting out the sequel to Super Mario Brothers in »

Web Nerd Acronyms TextExpander Group

Recently, Chris Coyier of CSS Tricks posted a list of common “Web Nerd Acronyms” to be used with HTML’s <abbr> »