320 and Up

Link: “320 and Up”

“320 and Up” is Andy Clarke’s mobile first framework for building responsive web designs. The concept that Andy is applying, is that we should be creating for mobile first and desktop second (or third, or fourth…).

Some sites have been employing a similar take on responsiveness (including my original attempt at a design for this site).

Take a look at:

I love the way Andy constantly pushes the boundaries of what defines web design, whether it be in his excellent books or through the tools & samples he shares with the community. In “Understanding Comics,” Scott McCloud discusses the 6 potential steps of an artist. Artists who have mastered the surface, craft, structure, and idiom of their art then choose to further explore either form or idea/purpose. Those who choose form are the “artists who shake things up, change the way people think, question the fundamental laws that govern their chosen art.” In my eyes, Andy is one of these artists, helping us all push our own boundaries to discover what the web is capable of.