Kindle Format 8

Designing and developing for Kindle's .mobi format has been like revisiting 1999. Embedded tables? (check!) Limited CSS support? (check!) Screwy box model? (check!) With the release »

Can Service Learning Shape Your Community?

Our communities shape our lives. Why not help shape our communities? The idea of community has taken an amazing turn with the advent of interactive media. »

Resizing & Centering Images in iBooks

Liz Castro provided a technique on her blog for dealing with iBooks’ stubborn image resizing issue. Unfortunately, from my experience, applying margin: 0 auto; to the »

File Management

Andy Ihnatko on Mac OS X Lion: I truly believe that the concept of a visible file system is a leftover relic of the 70’s »

EPUB Production Workflow

I’ve been a book nerd for longer than I’ve been interested in the web. In fact, some of my first jobs were »

David Foster Wallace’s Required Reading

I’m currently deep into reading David Foster Wallace’s “Infinite Jest” and have been spending my a fair chunk of my time away from the »