CSS3 Drop Shadow Depth

In a recent screencast for Method & Craft, Noah Stokes demonstrates how to add depth to text with a simple drop shadow. It’s a »

The Daily Questions

Ben Franklin kept a very exacting schedule. As part of his routine he would ask himself two questions. In the morning he would ask, What good »

An Event Apart Boston Roundup

I spent the beginning of this week attending the incredible An Event Apart Boston. An Event Apart is billed as a conference "for people who make »

Web Typography Bookmarklets

Bookmarklets are handy chunks of Javascript that when stored as a bookmark in your browser, allow you to interact with any web page. This is a »

Kerning for the Web

Kerning refers to the practice of adjusting the amount of space between individual characters. Using a modest amount of kerning can greatly improve the look and »

320 and Up

Link: “320 and Up” “320 and Up” is Andy Clarke’s mobile first framework for building responsive web designs. The concept »