Can Service Learning Shape Your Community?

Our communities shape our lives. Why not help shape our communities? The idea of community has taken an amazing turn with the advent of interactive media. Communities under utilize the learning centers that lie within them. Universities and secondary schools supply a plethora of untapped resources. This conversation will uncover topics of community outreach in interactive media education. Project based, real world education is the most rewarding and enriching experience students can be afforded. The connection between learning and community needs to be explored more than ever. Can interactive education bridge this gap? Are communities, next door and internationally, aware and ready to engage? How do we start the conversation? These are topics we will discuss in our engaging conversation.

If you're interested in joining Brad Berkner & I in discussing service learning and interactive media education at this year's South by Southwest, please give us a thumb's up at the SXSW Panel Picker. I hope to see you there.