I'm Writing A Book

In gradeschool I was the kid in the back of the class, sketching comic book characters and plotting out the sequel to Super Mario Brothers in my notebook. By age 16, I had discovered Kerouac and Ginsberg and started drafting the terrible free-style poetry that only makes sense deep within the throngs of teen angst. In my early 20’s I moved on to plotless Carver-esque short stories while I sat in sidewalk coffee shops, doing way more smoking than actual writing.

Through all of this, my poorly nurtured love of writing felt at distinct odds with my techie side. I was always outwardly the “computer guy,” though I may have often wished I was something else. Today, I’m excited to announce that I am working on a book for Packt Publishing and those two conflicting sides can finally shake hands and be friends.

More details are coming soon. In the meantime, back to writing.