The Daily Questions

Ben Franklin kept a very exacting schedule. As part of his routine he would ask himself two questions. In the morning he would ask, What good shall I do this day? And each evening, he would reflect by asking, What good have I done today? I’ve always found these questions to be an incredibly inspiring guide to my day.

On Tuesday I had the idea to create a simple Twitter web app, that allows you to quickly share your responses to the daily questions and see the good others plan to spread. It went from idea to a working site in less than 24 hours. With that in mind, please be gentle, it is not without a few bugs.

Each morning the site asks the morning question and aggregates tweets using the #MorningQ hashtag:

What Good morning screenshot

In the evening the color scheme reverses, asks the evening question, and aggregates tweets using the #EveningQ hashtag:

What Good evening screenshot

Check out and let me know what you think!

I’d love to see these hashtags take off and spread some positive messages throughout the Twitterverse.

If you’re a web developer and would like to help me iron out the kinks, please get in touch.