Jeffrey Zeldman once mentioned that “most tweets are meant to perish, like words in a phone call.” This may be true, but for the last several years many of us have been tapping our excitement, passions, humors and frustrations out 140 characters at a time. Twitshift is a service that allows you to relive those tweets. Create a new protected Twitter account and set Twitshift to automatically tweet anything you said one year ago (or further back). It’ll even set you up with a nice sepia toned version of your Twitter profile photo.

This morning, I woke up to see a tweet I had made last year about the Olympic opening ceremonies. Though it was just an off handed remark, it brought back a flood of memories of my wife and I watching the event at an engagement party, the nice time we had, and the people we were with. As Mr. Zeldman pointed out, our tweets are not our art. They are, however, a form of self expression that may be worth reliving.